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The largest selection of wool latch hook kits left in the Country.  Smyrna Laine Wool Latch hook Rug Kits, over one hundred years of quality production.

All of the rug canvases on this page are stitch painted by hand on 100% cotton canvas.

There never was another company doing this. The cost of the large canvases 78" x 118" when purchased by us were - retail $625.00 each. Now the cost, if there was such a thing available, would be (based on a 31" x 52" canvas at $155.00) $930.00 canvas only. Our wool rug yarn is figured at $6.50 per skein, suggested retail is $7.00. The largest rugs take 330+ skeins approximately. These are rare in today's market, and about to be extinct.

The 6 ply wool mark quality rug wool is 2 3/4 inches in length, available in 53 colors. All colors are changeable to your specifications.

New page for handpainted canvas only rugs.

When this stock is gone there will be no more Large Hand Painted Rug Canvases.  
  • Hand painted and edged canvas, with color samples,
  • Pre cut 100% wool mark quality wool, in 7cm ( 2 3/4") lengths,
  • The Latch hook,
  • Rug photo and instructions,
  • All colors may be changed to match your home
Wool round rug kit
Colisee HP $1,500.00 79"
Finished Latch Hooked rug
Aubusson HP

47" x 67" $1,350.00

This rug can be done in any background color

EWool Latch Hook rug kit
Chambord HP

67" x 98" $2,150.00

Wool Latlchhook Kit


59" x 87" $1,800.00



Cournouailles HP

47" x 67" $1,350.00

Finished Latch Hooked rug
Pacha HP

47" x 67" $1,350.00

Picture canvas only
Gold Afghan HP

59" x 79" $1,550.00

Wool latch hook kit
Cleopatre HP $1050.00 59"
Oval wool rug kit

Saturne HPOVAL 47" x 71" $1,295.00

 Latch Hook Kit
Concerto HP

59"x 79" $1,600.00

Larger wool latch hooked rug kit
Carrousel HP $1,400.00 67"

Click on the rug name to see a larger photo of the Rugs  wool mark 

SS = Silk Screen. HP = Hand Painted.

FINISHED RUG.gif (59769 bytes)

Sample of rug on the floor in the shop for over 30 years.

The bottom half is the underside with binding tape. Click to enlarge picture