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Charted Uncut Yarn Latchhook Rug Kits. Kairouan This kit includes 3.5 to the inch rug canvas, uncut 100% wool rug yarn, latch hook, extra skein of rug wool for the border, or Precut yarn, Colored Chart in sections plus smaller over all chart for a complete picture, Hooking instructions.

Uncut wool pictured Here

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None of these rugs are available with precut yarn.

You do have to cut the rug yarn and count the pattern on yourself. The yarn is made in this Country and the Charts are made by us. The charts are easy to read, 7 stitches to the inch. There is no fancy extra packaging - no added cost.

Hamadan Sample Sample of one of our charts. The charts are printed at 7 Stitches per inch. Yes, we will do custom designed charts, but there are rules, no copyright infringements.

There is a new combination rug kit available, charted designs with precut rug wool for those who do not want to cut their own yarn.

78" x 118" $1,895.00 Chart Sample Colors,
78" x 118" $1,895.00Partial chart for Hamadan latch hook rug Colors,
78" x 118" $1,895.00Colors
Sheherazade   78" x 118" $1,895.00 Colors
62" x 97" $1,450.00 Colors
48" x 89" $795.00
49" x 88" $795.00
Blue Center
49" x 88" $795.00
Tabriz hama Tabriz Hamma
49" x 87" $795.00
Perse Kashan 67" x 98" $1,450.00 Colors This can be made on a 3.75 per inch canvas in one piece $2,100.00
Royal Palace 78" x 118" $1895.00 Colors,
Royal Palace Blue
78" x 118" $1,895.00 Colors
Versailles Viridian
78" x 118" $1,895.00 Colors
Cameo Rose 67" x 103" $1,295.00 Colors This can be made on a 3.75 per inch canvas in one piece $2,100.00


Pompadour 78" x 118" $1,895.00 Colors,
Country Rug Country Hearth
59" x 87" $1,450.00 ColorsThis can be made on a 3.75 per inch canvas in one piece
44" x 65" $650.00
Colors Available precut with chart

Magnetic Board for easy chart reading