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A Miscellaneous collection of Wool Latch hook rug designs in a more graphic direction. Fractals and Fantasies

All of the rug kits on this page are our exclusive designs.

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These are very heavy wool rugs. Put the finished rugs on your floor with confidence.

Spirit Frantal wool rug kit Spirit Fractal 27" x 48"

precut with chart $475.00
Fractal Design rug kit Fractal 4
30" x 30" $275.00 Colors Available precut with chart $350.00
Staircase black Staircase
18" x 30" $165.00
Colors only in uncut
Fractured Rainbow Fractured Rainbow
30" x 60" $395.00 Colors
Available precut with chart $545.00
Sun Storm wool latch hook kit Sun Storm
30" x 50" $395.00 Colors
Available precut with chart $525.00
Celtic Latch Hook Design Celtic
55" x 64"  $495.00
Colors Any Color
Eagle and Flag Wool Latch Hook Kit Eagle .
32" x 49" $295.00
Colors Available precut with chart $395.00
Desert Sun Wool rug kit Desert Sun
43" x 65"  $495.00
Available precut with chart $795.00
Spanish Tile latch hook pattern Possible Wool Latchhook Rug Kits An endless range of colors and sizes.